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Ballet for Junior & Teens

Ballet is great for correcting  alignment and activating the intrinsic muscles of our different body parts, such as our feet, legs, back, arms, and core. These are essential in improving the awareness of our body in space and the ability to control and move them better hence improving your movement quality, not forgetting improving your flexibility and as such increasing your range of movements as well. These Junior and Teens classes will be useful for those of you who have a later start in your dance journey, but wish to work towards improving your dance technique through ballet. 

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Suitable for dancers from all genres who wish to work on their movement quality through building a ballet foundation. Dancers with little/ some ballet background are welcomed to join.


Suitable for dancers aged 8 - 19.

Little/ some background in any form of dance is required.

For other timeslots, please email to enquire.




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Suitable for non-dancers who wish to pick up ballet. Dancers with little/ some dance background in other genres are welcomed to join.

Suitable for non-dancers or beginners aged 8 - 19.  No dance background is required.

For other timeslots, please email to enquire.


Beginner - Intermediate:

Tue \ 6 - 7:15pm


Tue \ 4:45 - 6pm

Term fees

11 sessions for $275 

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