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Ballet for Children

At Z.en Ballet, we wish to introduce children to the wonders of their bodies through dance - an activity that offers the most all-rounded benefit to one's body and mind. Specifically in ballet, they will be able to learn to understand their bodies better to develop better alignment, control, flexibility, as well as improve their movement coordinations, musicality, and performance quality. Through working on their bodies, they will also build resilience and confidence, train their focus, and ultimately bring balance and build their character.

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Tiny Ballerina 1
Suitable for children aged 3 - 4 (born in 2018 - 2019), this class aims to get them excited and curious about their bodies, and introduce basic concepts of body awareness, balance, control, flexibility, spatial awareness, directions, rhythm, and build strength in core, back, legs and feet through fun games and stories.

Tiny Ballerina 2
Suitable for children aged 5 (born in 2017), through games stories as well, this class will start to work on some ballet fundamentals, while continuing to work on building strength, improving flexibility, as well as learn simple ballet coordinations. They will also be exposed to performing with guidance. 

Trial classes are now available!
See schedule below.

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A progression from Tiny Ballerina 2, children aged 6 (born in 2016) will learn to remember a series of exercises from the RAD Primary syllabus and perform them with no guidance. This is coupled with continuous strengthening and flexibility training as well as learning of slightly more complex and longer ballet coordinations with more challenging balances.

They will have the option of taking the RAD examination.

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Artworks by Andrew @imaginedideas


For children aged 7 and above, they will learn the RAD graded syllabus as they continue to work on developing their poise,  control, extensions, performance quality, etc.

They will have the option of taking the RAD examination.

Trial classes are now available!
See schedule below.


This class is suitable for children aged 6 - 9 (born in 2013 - 2016) who did not have an early start in ballet. This will be a class to build up your child's ballet foundation before he/ she joins a graded class for exam. Alternatively, this is a class for children who do not have any intention in following the RAD syllabus. 

Trial classes are now available! 
See schedule below.


Tiny Ballerina 1:

Sun \ 11:15 - 12:00pm

RAD Primary:

Sun \ 10:15 - 11am

RAD Primary Coaching:

Mon \ 6 - 7pm

RAD Grade 2:

Sun \ 8:45 - 10am

RAD Grade 2 Coaching:

Wed \ 6:15 - 7:15pm

Class fees

Trial Class: $10 per class

(free if you sign up for a term)

Term fees

Email for enquiry

Click here for terms & policies.

or whatsapp us at +65 92 363 464

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