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Ballet for Adults

Work on your body alignment, build an active strong core, and gain an active flexibility for a wider range of movement through our adult ballet classes. Whether you are a complete beginner, have some experience in ballet, used to take ballet but stopped, or wish to supplement your dance practice with a more dedicated  fundamental, there is a class for you.

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This is an 8-week course suitable for those who are new to dance and wish to learn some basics of ballet. In this course you will be introduced to the principles of classical ballet such as body alignment, weight placement, turn out, use of arms and learn basic ballet exercises and coordinations.


Designed to introduce ballet to beginners, this course will equip you with fundamentals allowing you to gain body awareness, sensitivity, strength and poise through progressive barre and centre work consisting of simple port de bras, centre practice, adage, petit allergro and grand allergro.



This class is suitable for those who have completed the ballet introductory course or are relatively new to dance and wish to continue building on the basics of ballet through weekly classes.


Designed to allow beginners to practise ballet in a conducive environment, this class will allow you to work on your fundamentals, as you gain more body awareness, build strength, improve flexibility, and develop better body alignment – through progressive barre and centre work.



This class is suitable for people with some ballet or contemporary dance background and wish to work towards developing a stronger centre, a well-held body, with more internal range of movements. Each term you will be learning and practising a new set of exercises consisting of barre, port de bras, adage and allegro exercises that focus on activating and working your intrinsic muscles, as well as increasing your active flexibility.


Ballet Introductory Course

by Marissa

Wed \ 7:15 - 8:30pm

Email us at to register your interest now!

Ballet Intro Term

by Chiok

Tue \ 7:15 - 8:30pm

New Term: MAY 14, 21, 28, JUN 11, 18, 25, JUL 2, 9 '2024

Term break: JUN 4 & JUL 16.


Ballet Beginner 1 Term

by Chiok

Mon \ 7:15 - 8:30pm

New term: MAY 13, 20, 27, JUN 3, 24, JUL 1, 8, 15 '2024 

Term break: JUN 10 & 17.

Beginner Course/ Term fees


$225 for 8 sessions

(unless otherwise stated)

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